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The SMS Worldwide Development Team

Laurence Myerson CEO:

After many years involved in sound and data technology, Laurence introduced a new convergence of SMS technology and ideas, forming a partnering to export the
unique SMS technology to the UK. During 2001 Laurence was invited by New Scotland Yard through the British Home Office with the possibility of introducing the unique Gateway SMS text communication system to the Metropolitan Police Force in the UK.

On June 1st 2002 the Unique SMS text system went on official trial for three
months in Special Operations Room at New Scotland Yard, becoming an instrumental
communication tool through events such as the Queens Jubilee week, Nottinghill
Carnival, the London Marathon, protest marches, street rallies, being used for general to serious emergency communication.

After the initial three-month test trial was concluded a success,
it was decided to do a 6 month work solution evaluation on the system in which
CMG International would head up the project. During this time the system
expanded to other valuation sites within Scotland Yard and the Metropolitan
Police Force in London. SMS text alert was also included to various critical security sites

During this time Laurence put forward a number of software solutions and additions to the Scotland Yard software. This enhanced the system specifically to top level security communication applications within New Scotland Yard and the Metropolitan Police Force. The system and software took on a new elevated height in unique
application SMS text alert messaging communication.

SMS text alert is now packaged for government, business, special events, sport events, sport clubs, schools, colleges, universities, and other high security SMS text alert communication applications.

Rob Fisher

After 16 years in the corporate environment Rob had had enough of corporate life and he went on his own as Neptune Software selling PC hardware and software and with a vision of the online world that was coming!
Within a year Neptune was selling more US Robotics modems than any other
distributor in Africa. Rob was a founder member of Le Club Internet (one of the first ISP's in Africa). Le Club was acquired some 4 years after inception by ITI Holdings and subsequently bought and re-branded as Storm Internet. Rob spent a year with the Storm Group helping with the transition.

Loet de Swart                                                    
Loet has a wide range of management skills including Project management, Financial Administration, HR and International Marketing. The majority of these skills were honed while fulfilling the role of Managing Director of UST Projects (PTY) Ltd, a large National steel manufacturing concern.

Prior to this, Loet acquired extensive International experience working for the ABN-Amro Bank and as the Business Development Manager for Al-Khalifa in Bahrain where the emphasis was placed on projects where Global Technology partners were introduced to investors. The majority of the projects were petroleum "downstream" manufacturing centric. 

Greg Mahlknecht (CTO)
The genius behind our amazing SMS text technology, Greg has been in software development since his school days developing applications since the early 80's.

The programming languages he is comfortable with include Pascal, C , Assembler, JAVA, ASP and others and has database skills having worked with Informix, Oracle and SQL.

Richard de Oude ( Head of Client Application Software

2nd genius Richard is a high end developer. Richard has been a lone developer since leaving school (many years ago) and has found a home where he can concentrate on pure development without having to worry about all the admin and marketing side of things.

The development team has the most advanced resources and team members which contribute to the outstanding research & development of our world class software and system designs.

A typical software developer after the release of a new version of our Emergency TEXT Alert system.

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