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Because our TEXT emergency Alert systems requires no connectivity to the Internet, it offers a complete new secure environment to clients in delivering and receiving text messages in both single and Multi-groups messaging from a PC computer, Laptop or tablet.  The resilient text system is different in function and emergency applications, therefore our client service model optimises the perfect relationship between our team, the system and the client.

Our experience with Scotland Yard has enhanced our core skills in working with police departments, security branches and business itself where high security communication needs are reliant on new technology requirements in a totally secure environment.

Today our clients needs extend far beyond physical boundaries. High speed SMS Text communication systems can keep security departments and businesses in touch with themselves and with people anywhere in the world. This is achieved in a secure environment, often where every second counts in alerting people with information, updates and emergency incidents.

We have taken advantage of the potential of our Unique SMS technology to bring about changes to our clients' communication structure and working practices.

Our clients benefit from an integrated approach in that what we bring to the party is a unique ability to pull the pieces together into a coherent whole and make sure the SMS technology is applied successfully. We build our technology around strong personal relationships providing clients with a level of service second-to-none. This remains unchanged.

We do not apply a universal solution to an individual business need. We use a
range of proven SMS technologies through our secure Unique Gateway functionality. The team helps the customer identify the optimum solution to their SMS Text communication needs. We pull together the expertise of the whole team together and manage every stage of the project, from installation to completion, compliance, and finally to training.

Today's communication environment is so technology rich that the task of development, implementing and managing these complex communication systems has become more and more complex.

SMS Worldwide provides a complete infrastructure team to support you, from planning and design to development and finally installation. We provide everything necessary to support the SMS text system for your business.

The team understands the power and potential of each new development. We can identify the right SMS technology, in the right combination, to deliver the maximum benefit to each individual client.

Following commissioning, we stay close to the client to maintain the SMS text system and assist the client to get the maximum benefit from their investment. Our training quickly gets clients and staff up to speed. We are on standby for assistance or emergency support, anywhere in the world.

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