AC75 Portable Dual-Band Rapid Deployment Cellular Repeater System 

AC75 is a Dual Band portable cellular repeater that can handle up to 15,000 square feet and maintains the portability and power flexibility needed for disaster and emergency communications operations.

A fully-portable unit allows government agencies and other users to immediately deploy a dual band solution that boosts cellular signals in outdoor / indoor and REMOTE areas that may NOT have adequate cellular signal coverage due to natural or terror-related disasters.


Designed specifically for use in emergency operation centers, response vehicles, and REMOTE locations, the AC75 facilitates cellular communication in areas as large as 15,000 square feet, ensuring that personnel in that area will receive reliable, clear cellular signals in low signal level conditions. The AC75 is packaged in a rugged, roller-type case for easy transport, can easily fit into the trunk of a vehicle, and is lightweight enough to be deployed by a single person.


For the AC75 to truly be an effective emergency operations device, it has to be able to deal with yet another challenge: Power. Due to disaster-related outages, power can be just as unreliable as the cellular signals.  This is why the engineering team incorporated a battery backup system, providing the unit with up to 8 hours of rechargeable battery power. This guarantees that with the AC75, powerful and reliable cellular reception can be provided in virtually any circumstance, anywhere in the world.


The configuration of the AC75 provides full contiguous coverage of either the PCS and Cellular bands, or the Public Safety/NPSPAC and PCS bands, with one set of antennas and cabling, using FCC approved amplification. Other configurations are available.


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