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Major Crisis Text Alert Systems from your Computer, Laptop or Tablet

Our Major Crisis Text Alert systems require

  • NO Internet connectivity
  • NO telephone line connectivity
  • NO Satellite connectivity
  • NO 3g connectivity
  • NO 4g connectivity


A stand alone Major Crisis text ALERT system 

When Internet and systems are down or unavailable in a crisis
how can key people communicate?


Major Disaster

Text Alert Technology Has Arrived

We provide outstanding secure (stand alone) Desktop PC, Laptop & tablet multi-group text ALERT messaging systems requiring NO Internet connectivity, NO telephone line connectivity, NO satellite connectivity - specifically designed for general communication to emergency & disaster communication.

Our TEXT Messaging Alert systems are used for general to major incident communication in;

  • Police and governments security sites
  • Embassies / Consulates
  • Diplomatic Protection
  • Airports
  • 1st Responders
  • Ops rooms and control centres
  • Security offices
  • Emergency teams
  • Emergency call centres
  • Fire Services
  • Hospitals & Emergency Clinics
  • Schools - Colleges - Universities
  • Continuity departments
  • Business offices
  • Sports clubs and stadiums
  • Major sport clubs & events
  • Museums & National establishments
  • Transport companies
  • ....business in general...

SMS Worldwide is proud to have its Major Crisis & Disaster text communication systems in the world's most advanced high security operation rooms.

No matter how your company operates your emergency communication procedures, our major incident text communication system can handle all of your emergency communication management needs.

  •     Manual & Auto Emergency call-outs
  •     Automated Emergency Alert processes


Our System are designed for where uptime is the critical factor and detailed message logs are peace of mind, showing *LIVE* logs for EACH individual SMS text message delivered or received.

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Our unique Emergency & Disaster text alert Communication systems are used in the most advanced Security Operation Control Rooms and throughout business in general, providing emergency text message alert applications specific and specially developed for general messaging to emergency & disaster communication to and from mobile cell phones with redundancy and resilience.

Whether it's a single text message, or a multi-group text, there is no simpler user-friendly emergency & disaster SMS text system available requiring NO internet connectivity.

If you are not familiar with our company and your first contact with us is online: We would be pleased to hear from you! Please let us know what your SMS text messaging needs and questions are.

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